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Albums include Beautiful City, Birth of Jesus, Brother to Brother, Cave of the Heart, Chant from the Hermitate, City of God, Come to the Quiet, For the Bride, Hiding Place, JMT Collection (2 cd's), Light Eternal, Living Water, The Lord's Supper/Be Exalted (double cd), Lover and The Beloved, Master Collection (2 cd's), Master Musician, Meditations in the Spirit, Meditations from Solitude, Monk Rock, Nothing is Impossible Spoken Word, Our Blessing Cup, The Quiet, Quiet Pathways, Quiet Reflections, Signatures, Simple Heart, Spirit Pathways, Table of Plenty, Talbot Brothers Collection (2 cd's), Troubadour for the Lord, Troubadour of the Great King, Troubadour Years (2 cd's), Wisdom, Worship & Bow Down, and The Inner Room.

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