Worship and Bow Down - CD

Worship and Bow Down - CD
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Newest CD from John Michael Talbot!  17 new classics including JMT's new "Mass of Rebirth" (text from the New Roman Missal).  John Michael's unmistakable voice is complimented by rich orchestral arrangements and beautiful choral harmonies.  This CD is sure to enhance your worship experience.

01. Worship and Bow Down                                       
02. In Remembrance of Me                          
03. Hinds Feet On High Places                                    
04. Jesus Prayer                         
05. Hail Mary                          
06. Nothing Is Impossible                               
07. Lectio Divina                          
08. Breathe                             
09. Sacred Silence                                   
10. Kyrie (from Mass of Rebirth)                                  
11. Glory To God (from Mass of Rebirth)                                  
12. Preface Dialog (from Mass of Rebirth)                                   
13. Sanctus (from Mass of Rebirth)                                   
14. Mystery Of Faith (from Mass of Rebirth)                                   
15. Lamb Of God (from Mass of Rebirth)                                   
16. Dismissal (from Mass of Rebirth)                                   
17. Open My Eyes

Sheet music is now available through OCP at:


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