All Things Are Possible with God - DVD Set

All Things Are Possible with God - DVD Set
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AS SEEN ON TV!  This DVD collection features the 12 premier episodes of John Michael's NEW television show, "All Things Are Possible". Perfect for individuals or group viewing. 

From John Michael Talbot: "I want my new TV show to inspire the viewer in their Christian walk.  I believe the message and style presented are perfect for church groups and personal study and reflection."

Each show includes Talbot’s inspirational music and a message relevant for today!


If you have purchased (or plan on purchasing)
the "All Things Are Possible" DVD, make sure
you click HERE (or on the image left) and
download our new study guide.

It's FREE and designed to assist individual
reflection or group discussion!

(REMEMBER, it is not meant to be a "stand-alone" document
and will be useless without the DVD!)


Track Listings -

Disc 1

1. All Things Are Possible

2. Spirit, Soul and Body

3. Poverty

4. Chastity


Disc 2

1. Obedience

2. Stability and Conversion

3. The Jesus Prayer

4. The Marian Rosary


Disc 3

1. The Liturgy of the Hours

2. The Walk Through the Liturgy

3. Testimony and Evangelization

4. Summary and Conclusion

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