John Michael Talbot Collection - CD

John Michael Talbot Collection - CD
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This 35-song collection of John Michael's favorite songs comes from over 25 years of recordings.

Songs include: In The Beginning, Creed I, Lamb of God, Communion Song, Peter's Canticle, Psalm 62, Ode to the Bride, Celebration Dance, Holy is His Name, Sunrise, The Pleiades and Orion, The Lilies of the Field, The Bread of Life, Eternal Light, Interlude, Glory to God, I Am The Bread of Life, Glory to Thee, Healer of my Soul, Wedding Dance, Let Us Sing to the Lord, Lamb of God, Father I Put My Life in Your Hands, St. Teresa's Prayer, May I Never Boast, Because You are Chosen, One Dark Night, One Faith, For Zion's Sake, All Who Are Thirsty, Hiding Place, Surrender to Jesus, My Vows to the Lord, There's A Time, and Thanks to Thee.

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